BIRLA companies are Indian Industrial and commercial enterprises, which share a common ancestry dating back over 130 years, engaged in a broad spectrum of business activity. The BIRLA companies possess an acknowledged and sound track record of achievements in their respective fields, based on which, they have established a firm position in today’s Indian and world economy.
Each enterprise is kept managerially and financially independent: yet they share an adherence to the business precepts handed down by the forefathers of the House. Emphasising integrity, sound management and a progressive attitude, the BIRLA Companies have numerous achievements to their credit. On the basis of expertise developed over the years, the BIRLA Companies continue to make their own contribution to the prosperity of our Nation and the International community.

More important, enterprise and fundamental corporate resources have created growth from vastly diverse business ventures. From automobiles and heavy engineering to shipping; textiles and yarn to paper and pulp; cement and asbestos to aluminium and alloy steel; edible oils to sugar, tea and coffee and, of course, plastics.